The Expert Panel: The Innovative Surface Design of Moti Scotti

Moti Scotti

The famous American architect Phillip Johnson once said, “… all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space.”
If one is to take Johnson at his words we must assume it is the function of great interior design to accentuate these aspects and carry them forward, to render the cuddly, cuddlier, to move beyond stimulation to engagement.

It is with a nod toward these principles that Los Angeles based artist Moti Scotti has developed her latest works that she describes as “innovative surface design”.
The works are a logical extension of Moti’s already established commitments toward pushing the boundaries of traditional two-dimensional works beyond the picture plane and her unique understanding of how the human figure interacts in physical space. Moti’s current theme already builds upon her exhaustive portfolio of oil paintings and drawings, as well as her experiences in modeling and texturing in three-dimensional animation.

With innovative surface designs, Moti channels the extensive art history of the decorative arts, specifically that of panel design. In doing so, she creates and draws out the interplay between the body and its environment, tailoring it specifically to the physical living space, needs, personalities, and other attributes of her collectors and clients. The works are designed as permanent installations and are built in collaboration between their commissioners and the artist herself, a process characterized by extensive interviews and consultations. The outcome is not only creating a unique work of art, but a virtual mapping of the relationship between the artist, client, and the space itself.

Moti Scotti is a visual artist living and working in Los Angeles. Her work explores the dialogic connections between imaginary and physical space, both in terms of its relationship and its effect on the human form, through drawing and painting as well as 3D animation.
Her most recent works, described by Moti as “innovative surface design” explore the new possibilities of interior panel design and installation as afforded by the intersection of new technology and traditional decorative arts practice.

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